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Samples of application security vulnerability patterns.- "DeepSource Application Security Patterns"

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Primeon's new whitepaper - "Enterprise Applications: Wide Open to Attack in 2016" - tells business execs and IT managers the truth about application risk issues in 2016.

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Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

SecurityFocus Bugtraq Database

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Microsoft - URLScan Tool

Metasploit Project - for penetration testing, IDS signature development, and exploit research.

National Vulnerability Database Version 2.0

-- The Application Analysis & Security Specialists

80% of companies will suffer an application security incident by 2016.

Web applications and smartphone applications are proliferating to support the business growth of the 21st century. While web applications create a variety of new opportunities, they also create the need for greater security.
It's estimated that more than ½ of all vulnerabilities exist at the web application layer and that 74% have no patch. This puts your confidential information at risk!
Protect your web apps, smartphone apps, back-end databases and infrastructures with Primeon's comprehensive end-to-end security services.

Primeon offers an extremely compelling, cost-effective array of application security and analysis services including:

Application Security:

Primeon offers the most complete end-to-end application security services that clearly differentiate us from other solutions in that we identify many more deeply-rooted vulnerabilities that go undetected by other approaches and could negatively impact the "brand image" of your company in the marketplace.

In a nutshell, our methodology combines state-of-the-art tools with sr. engineers (with 20 - 30 years experience, PhD's, Masters, CISSP's etc) to discover vulnerabilities, remove "false positives" and eliminate the need for your IT dept. to read thru volumes of "junk" output from tool-based solutions. Tools are good in catching low hanging fruit (unfortunately < 5%) and are only as good as the developer that pre-programmed the rules and identified the error patterns to direct the flow of the automated scan.

Primeon's comprehensive methodology, on the other hand, helps you to mitigate enterprise risk with 100% coverage plus human intervention to stay ahead of very sophisticated hackers that are getting smarter by the day. I think you will be amazed at what we are finding and how Primeon can mitigate enterprise risk for you.

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Application Analysis:

As application analysis "experts", Primeon can apply its' comprehensive source code review methodology (tools and human) with the dial set to your specific requirements. For example, if you would like a 3rd party independent assessment of an application's quality to better understand performance, stability, scalability, maintainability, extensibility and data integrity, a DeepSource code review for quality can be used as an independent review of source code that assesses the architectural design, business logic and application implementation of a developed application.

About Primeon

Primeon is a leader in enterprise-wide application security, pen-testing (all web apps & smartphone apps security tests - all device flavors), cloud computing application Security assessments, privacy scans, DeepSource code reviews, infrastructure assessments and application QA. Primeon offers a complete solution for identifying application exposures, inefficiencies, "malicious code" and subsequent remediation measures in a simple to read actionable output report. Leveraging 18+ years of application analysis experience that exceeds over 1 billion lines of source code and nearly ....

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