Security Patterns

Samples of application security vulnerability patterns.- "DeepSource Application Security Patterns"

White Paper

Primeon's new whitepaper - "Enterprise Applications: Wide Open to Attack in 2016" - tells business execs and IT managers the truth about application risk issues in 2016.

Resource Links

Common Vulnerability Scoring System Version 2 Calculator

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

SecurityFocus Bugtraq Database

Registry Whois Search

Microsoft - URLScan Tool

Metasploit Project - for penetration testing, IDS signature development, and exploit research.

National Vulnerability Database Version 2.0

Cost/ROI -- Sample Attack Outcomes

When attacks do occur, the damage may range from:

  • Defacement of web site page; to
  • Damage to applications and/or data; to
  • Loss of partner, regulator and/or customer confidence;to
  • Out-and-out theft of customer information, IP and/or cash assets; to
  • "Brand" image in the marketplace

An FBI Report on Application Security cites a $6.75 million dollar average organizational cost of a data breach per incident when on-line fraud is detected. This cost increased in 2009.

Thus, the cost of Primeon's enterprise-wide application subscription is far less than the impact of only one exposure!

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